Building Qualities of Fir Lumber in Mead

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Are you planning a new building project in Mead, Washington? You might be interested in using fir lumber. This wood is commonly used to construct residential and small commercial buildings, as well as industrial and multi-level structures. It’s also frequently used to build bridges, cabinetry, fences, and furniture. Before contacting your lumber dealer, consider the following information as you determine if fir lumber is right for your upcoming project in Mead. 


When compared to other North American softwood lumber types, fir lumber received the highest rating in stiffness. It also has the highest strength-to-weight ratio. It’s capable of withstanding both high winds and earthquakes, making it ideal for framing.


Another quality that makes fir lumber an ideal building material is its durability. It doesn’t shrink, crack, or twist as it seasons. This means that the building process can begin while the wood is green. It’s also very resistant to decay.


Fir lumber is also a very attractive wood product. It has straight and fine grain and tight knots, as well as a yellow or red-brown tone. This makes it a favorite for builders, carpenters, and woodworkers. 

Looking for Quality Fir Lumber at Discount Prices in Mead?

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Fir Lumber at Discount Prices in Mead

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