The Best Features of a Metal Shed in Lewiston

metal shed, prefabricated truss frameAre you planning to build a storage shed on your property in Lewiston? While there are several options to choose from, one of the best is a metal shed. Metal sheds with prefabricated truss frames are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. While you should always speak with a metal siding and trim dealer before finalizing your build and purchase plans, keep these positive features of metal sheds in mind.


One of the best features of a metal shed for your Lewiston property is the price. These buildings cost significantly less than similar units built using lumber. As a result, these sheds with prefabricated truss frames are very popular among homeowners.

Easy to Assemble

Because the building materials required for a metal shed weigh less than wooden materials, assembly is usually quite easy. In fact, you can probably put one of these shed together without the assistance of a contractor.


While light in weight, a metal shed is quite durable. Metal isn’t easily damaged during Lewiston’s inclement weather. In most cases, these buildings can last well over a decade.

Fire Safe

Another great benefit of a metal shed is that the structure is not very susceptible to fire damage. Extremely high temperatures are required for the metal materials to melt. This helps ensure the safety of your property.

Interested in a Lewiston Metal Shed?

Are you interested in building a metal shed on your Lewiston property? Now that you know why so many people prefer this storage solution, it’s time to speak with a professional. Contact Discount Lumber, Metal, & Trusses Inc. in Spokane to learn about our prefabricated truss frame system. We’ve served clients in and around Lewiston for years. Our highly-trained and experienced staff has the knowledge and skills required to assist you quickly and efficiently. We also manufacture and supply everything you’ll need for a decking, roofing or fencing project. Don’t forget to ask about our engineered wood products!

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