Popular Types of Fence & Deck Lumber in Fairwood

lumber types, deck lumber, fence lumberAre you planning to build a fence or deck on your property in Fairwood, Washington? If so, you’re going to need to use quality fence or deck lumber. Knowing what kind of wood to purchase for your project can be difficult, however. Most lumber dealers offer a wide selection to choose from. To help make your decision easier, keep the following popular types of fence and deck lumber in mind as you finalize your plans in Fairwood.


Fir is a very popular type of lumber. It has a straight grain and is slightly red in color. This material is used most often for large building projects, but some people build furniture with it as well. Fir is quite inexpensive and moderately strong. It doesn’t, however, stain well and looks best when painted.


Pine is a very diverse building material. This type of lumber is often available in many varieties (ponderosa, sugar, white, etc.). Because pine is relatively soft, it is ideal for carving and furniture-making; but it can be used for many types of projects.


Redwood is a great wood product for outdoor projects. This is because this type of lumber is moisture-resistant. Thus, it can withstand harsher weather conditions. The grain is straight and, like fir, it has a red tint.

Need to Purchase Lumber for Your Upcoming Project in Fairwood?

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