Reasons to Use Pressure-Treated Lumber in Rathdrum

pressure-treated lumberAre you finalizing plans for an upcoming construction project in Rathdrum? Whatever building ideas you have in mind, it’s important to use the right materials. Pressure-treated lumber is a common selection, especially for projects that require weather resistance. While this type of lumber may not be perfect for every job, there are some excellent reasons to consider it. Always speak with a professional lumber dealer before making your purchase because he or she can provide valuable advice. Keep the following features of pressure-treated lumber in mind as you finalize your project plans in Rathdrum.


Additionally, pressure-treated lumber is very durable. You can expect this type of lumber to remain damage-free for long periods of time. This means you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing it. Many manufacturers even offer warranties on pressure-treated lumber.


Another good feature of pressure-treated lumber is its versatility. This type of lumber can easily be painted or stained in any color. It’s important to note, however, that the lumber must be completely dry before applying a coating.

Looking for a Rathdrum Pressure Treated Lumber Distributor?

Are you looking for a pressure-treated lumber distributor serving Rathdrum? Now that you know the benefits of using this material for your upcoming construction project, it’s time to discuss your specific needs with a professional. Contact Discount Lumber, Metal, & Trusses Inc. in Spokane today. We’ve served clients in and around Rathdrum for years, and our company manufactures and supplies everything you’ll need for decking, roofing or fencing projects, too. We have the knowledge to assist you quickly and efficiently, and our highly-trained and experienced specialists can also offer help with doors and windows. Don’t forget to ask about our engineered wood products, too!

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